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SOLIS (38-B-W)

SOLIS (38-B-W)


This large hanging lamp owes its name to its radiant appearance. The Solis is ideal for large commercial spaces such as hotel lobbies, conference rooms and office buildings. The lampshade, which is over a meter wide, contains a circle of light with a diameter of 50 centimeters, enough to illuminate large spaces. Not only can you dim the light plate, you can also easily adjust the warmth of the light using a remote control or the mobile app. At the push of a button you can change the atmosphere in the room from cozy soft light for a restaurant to pleasant working light in an office space.


The material 'PETpanel' is made from recycled plastic bottles, which fits perfectly into a sustainable environment. The lamp is not only beautiful in your home, but is also very suitable for office, hotel and restaurant furnishings due to its strong acoustic effect.


Take a look at ourmaterial page for all unique colors and put together your perfect color combination! TakeContact contact us and we will make the design entirely according to your wishes.


    Input Voltage: AC85-265V, 50/60Hz
    LED Power SOLIS50: 24W (2160lm)
    LED Power SOLIS70: 28W (2520lm)
    LED Power SOLIS90: 38W (3420lm)
    LED Power SOLIS110: 48W (4320lm)
    Efficiency(lm/w): 90lm/w
    LED Type: SMD2835 (LED panel)

    Light color: 3000-6000K (dimmable)
    Color Rendering Index(CRI): 80 Ra

    Dimensions SOLIS50: Ø50x20cm
    Dimensions SOLIS70: Ø70x25cm
    Dimensions SOLIS90: Ø90x33cm
    Dimensions SOLIS110: Ø110x41cm
    Cable length: 200cm

    Control: LampSmartPro app/Remote


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