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 PET panel

PETpanel is made from recycled PET bottles. The production process starts with collecting and sorting the bottles, after which they are shredded. The plastic chips are then processed in a melt extruder, where they are melted and converted into plastic fibers.

These fibers are bonded together through a needling process, creating a membrane. The fleece is pressed together under high pressure and temperature, so that the fibers are bonded together even more firmly and a PET panel sheet is created.

The sheet is then cut to size and can be further processed into design products, such as lamps and furniture. PETpanel's production process is focused on sustainability and the reuse of plastic waste.

The material is not only environmentally friendly, but also has excellent acoustic properties due to the open structure of the fibers. Each square meter of PET panel contains approximately 66 recycled PET bottles

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At Designstracker we attach great importance to the design process of our lamps. We start by creating a 3D model in Fusion, focusing on both the aesthetic and functional aspects of the lamp. This means that we not only look at how the lamp looks, but also how it functions and meets the needs of our customers.

When the design is completed, we create a 2D cutting drawing that serves as a basis for CNC cutting the various parts of the lamp. We only use PETpanel for our lamps and cut them with great precision with a CNC knife. This ensures a seamless design where all parts fit together perfectly.

After cutting, the parts are bent and folded by hand into the desired shape. The lamp is assembled without using glue or screws, making the production process more sustainable and making the lamps easy to assemble.

Before we put the lamps on the market, they are extensively tested for safety and quality. We ensure that our lamps meet our high standards and that they deliver on the promises we make to our customers.

In short, the design process of our lamps at Designstracker is a careful and precise process in which we focus on aesthetic and functional aspects and where sustainability and quality are central. We are proud to offer unique, contemporary and sustainable lamps to our customers.


The sound-absorbing effect of PETpanel is an important property that contributes to the quality of our products. In addition to the aesthetic aspects of our lamps, we believe it is important that they contribute to a pleasant living and working environment. The use of PET panel as a material for our lamps ensures better acoustics in the room in which they are placed.


Good acoustics are of great importance in commercial spaces such as offices and restaurants. This can improve the working environment and contribute to a pleasant atmosphere for guests. But the acoustics in homes can also be greatly improved by using PET panel products, especially in new-build homes where the acoustics are often not yet optimal.


The sound-absorbing effect of PETpanel reduces reverberation in the room, making the sound more pleasant and the room perceived as less hollow and reverberating. This can lead to higher productivity in work environments and a more relaxed atmosphere in living spaces. In short, the sound-absorbing properties of PETpanel make the material not only suitable for our lamps, but also for many other applications where good acoustics are important.

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